Light Table

Here you can wave with your hand or you can use templates. The camera films the lighttable and the silhouette is going to be your audio waveform.

VCF 1 + DF

Joystick 1 for area selection for audio wave 1 + "Sallensteiner" analog filter by René Schmitz + internal digital filter.

Screen and Blend

The display shows visuals which are transformed into audio (camera, JPGs, movie files). You can use 2 visual sources at the time and crossfade them. (Prototype #1)

Movie motion

You can load movie files and drive them via LFO or EG. This produces inspiring sound loops. You can change the start frame and the length of the movie.

6 x LFG

Each "LFG"-unit can be switched from LFO to EG mode. LFO-mode offers: speed, attack, hold, decay, MIDI-clock, (...) Here you hear the "mosaik-effect", MIDI-clock-synched. (Arpeggiating + "chirping": Kawai K-5000)

Joystick + VCF 2

- Joystick 2 for area selection for audio wave 2. Plus another "Sallensteiner" analog filter by Rene Schmitz!

Internal Reverb

Reverb is integrated. As SILHOUETTE's audio output is quadrophonic there is one stereo-reverb for front speakers and one for back.

6 voice mixer

The 6 voices can be faded individually. Voices can be set throughout the whole MIDI-note-scale. E.g. a very low note can be added to a chord set in the middle range. The very low note can be faded into the chord soundscape.