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S O U N D S   O F   V I S I O N S

SILHOUETTE transforms visual data into audio data.
This is prototype #1. At the "Superbooth19" I will be presenting prototype #2.
I am happy to announce, that SILHOUETTE will have two build-in analog filters by René Schmitz called "Sallensteiner v1".
René is also going to build a eurorack unit with it and will be appearing at Superbooth19.

Here is the current demo-video:
(english version):

>> german version __________________________________

Sounds of the week:




Some of the new features can be heard:
6-voice, seperate tuning and modulation, analog-filter, FX. SILHOUETTE trains itself to become a really extraordinary sound-scape-machine!

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- 9. - 11.may, 2019:
Synthesizer-Fair "Superbooth 19", Berlin:
- Friday, 10.5.2019, 2:40 pm:
Lecture-concert and screening at "Superbooth" ("Kino").

SUPERBOOTH19 – Berlin 09. - 11. May from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

- Autumn 2019:
Performance at the "Kommunales Kino", Hannover.